Hello Dance Families,

I know this is a scary time for many of our families, and the current situation is unprecedented. We ask that you remain calm during this time. We are following the situation as it changes, and making decisions as they arise. Please trust that we are making decisions as they are needed, for the safety of our dancers and their families.

We are currently on our planned March Break shutdown from March 14-March 22nd. This shutdown was planned from the beginning of the season, and you are not paying for these classes as the shutdown was taken into consideration when we set fees for the season.

The studio will remain CLOSED FROM March 23-April 5th, and classes will be held online instead during this time.  We are trying our best, as is everyone, to ensure that their families stay safe while ensuring minimal impact to our staff and students. We will keep you updated as things progress.

We appreciate your continued support during this difficult time.  

Keep Calm and Keep Dancing!

Amanda and the entire NJADS Staff

PRE-SCHOOL CLASSES ~ Ages 2-4 years!

These classes are unique programs geared towards the imagination and energy of the active 2-4 year old!  Programs blend specific dance styles, using creative, imaginative role-playing and fun props.  The music for these classes is fun, age appropriate and familiar to your child! 

Pre-Dance class with Miss Amanda:

Come have fun at dance class with Miss Amanda and friends Piper and Paige!

Pre-Ballet class with Miss Jussara:

Come have fun at dance class with Miss Jussara and her friend Piper!

Storytime with Miss Amanda:

Her Body Can!


Dance Class

Colouring Sheet

Matching Game


Acro is the combination of gymnastics and dance movement.  In Acro, we teach our students to dance into and out of Acro tricks, with minimal obvious “prep” before and after a trick. Despite being technically difficult to execute, acrobatic tricks are meant to blend in seamlessly with dance steps, providing an extra level of excitement and flair to dance choreography. This program teaches flexibility, agility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic technique.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles.  Body awareness, technical training and coordination are stressed throughout the class, and students are taught correct terminology.  Learn the five positions of the feet and exercises such as pliés, tendues and sautés.

Ballet Warm-up with Miss Amanda - Ages 3-6:

Work on your Ballet technique while having fun!

Ballet Barre with Miss Amanda - Ages 7-10 years+:

Pliés, Rises, Transfer of Weight, Piqués and Dégagés.

Ballet Barre with Miss Amanda - Ages 11+:

Pliés, Tendues, Glissés, Frappés, Grande Battement, Porte de Bras

Centre Class with Miss Jussara - Ages 6-9 years:

Who wants to try Ballet?

Ballet Class with Miss Jussara - Ages 7-9 years:

Practicing at the barre the proper ballet posture, Pliés,and more

Competitive Dance Team Choreography - Ages 4-7:

Your dancer can learn the choreography from our Micro Mini Ballet Team "Rainbow" routine.

Improving your Tendu:

A fun Halloween Tutorial with Miss Amanda and Friends!

PBT Training Butterfly Exercise:

Video coming soon!

Non-Traditional Ballet Barre:

Free 40 minute Ballet Barre with Rebecca Lemme!

Preventing Sickling Tutorial:

Video from our friends at Dance Teacher Web!


Ballet Colouring Sheet

Ballet Positions

Reading Comprehension

Writing Skills

Ballet Theory Kit


Students are introduced to rhythm and coordination through jazz dance steps, while developing their sense of musicality. Energetic and upbeat jazz dance is combined with funky fast movements.  Leaps, Jumps, Turns and Stretching are some of the fundamentals taught in this class.

Jazz Warm-up with Miss Sydney - Ages 4-6:

It's important to warm-up before dancing to avoid injury!

Jazz Warm-up with Miss Natalie:

Warm up your muscles and get some cardio in!

Jazz Combo with Miss Sydney - Ages 4-6 years:

Mermaid Party!

Jazz Pirouettes with Miss Aysha:

Practice makes perfect!

Beginner Jazz Pirouette Tutorial:

Video from our friends at Dance Teacher Web!




Hip Hop/Street Dance class is an urban style of Hip Hop.  It is a mix of isolated and fluid body movements and is quite performance oriented.  There are elements of popping, locking and breaking.  Free-styling and tricks will also be incorporated based on student's ability level.  We will also explore individuality within the style and enhance personal style.

Warm-up with Mr Chris!

Video coming soon!

Level 2/3 Drills and Variations with Mr Chris!

Play with some variations of Bart Simpson, Smurf, Reebok and Biz Markie

Level 4/5 House Technique

Learn some new techniques to move along with House music!


Hip Hop Colouring Sheet


Lyrical dance is characterized by fluidity and grace, and has a poetic, expressive quality.  This class challenges students to use motion to interpret music and express emotion.

Lyrical Combo with Miss Sydney!

Moana Combination - Ages 4-8 years!

Lyrical Combo with Miss Sydney!

"Two" Combination - Ages 10+!


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.

Warm-up with Miss Alyssa!

Practice this daily...your body will thank you!

Daily Improvisation prompts with Miss Alyssa!

Video your Improvisation Exploration and post making sure to tag us!

Day 1 March 23rd

Day 2 March 24th

Day 3 March 25th

Day 4 March 26th

Day 5 March 27th

Day 6 March 28th

Day 7 & 8 Coming Soon!

Day 9 Coming Soon!



Students will learn the basics of tap technique while developing a sense of rhythm, coordination and timing.

Tap Warm-up - All Ages:

Get your feet moving and make them happy!

Tap Drill - Brain Teaser - All Ages:

This exercise isn't just for Tappers...get your brain working and be challenged!


Hot Potato Hot Exercise - Level 1 for 4-6 years

An exercise working on transfer of weight

Peanut Butter & Jelly Exercise - Level 2 for 7-10 years

Have fun with this challenging combo!


Tap Colouring Sheet


This performance oriented Musical Theatre class will allow you to shine like a!  Become a triple threat!

Combo with Miss Natalie:

Video coming soon!



Lessons appropriate for parents and dancers to do together!

Baby Shark Core Workout with Miss Ava & Miss Olivia!

Can you complete the whole core workout?


Stretch and Strength with Miss Sydney!

Daily Flow you can do at home.

Strengthening with Miss Shannon!

Stay strong and workout with at home

CLI Studios Master Classes!

CLI Studios are committed to providing the best dance education experiences to dance studios, dance teachers, and dancers around the world. In the midst of the current climate, it’s more important than ever that the dance community works together to support one another and to help our dancers keep dancing. Starting on Monday, March 16 they will be live streaming an amazing set of dance classes from the CLI Studios faculty, free for everyone in the global dance community to join.  Tune in each day this week at the scheduled class time to take classes with your favorite professional choreographers!

* Documents from Big Life Journal are used for NJADS students only, as we have purchased a Professional License for these documents to be used in our dance classes.


NJADS Bingo Game

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Live Classes (1).jpg
Live Classes!

We will be hosting some LIVE Dance classes online using Zoom!  Come dance with us, or if the time doesn't work for you you can view the video of the class afterwards to practice at home.  Download Zoom for FREE here!



Date/Time                                                 Style                                                       Instructor

Tuesday's 11-11:30am                             Creative Movement 2-4 years                Amanda

Wednesday's @ 4-4:30pm                        Ballet 5-8 years                                     Amanda

My Online Dance Teacher.PNG
My Online Dance Teacher!

Our dance studio has partnered with Dance Teacher Web to provide you this in-home practice resource! is an addition to your studio training that you can do at home at any time. This website does not replace your studio training, but will be a great alternative while your studio may be temporarily closed. This is intended to enhance your dance education experience and be a quick go-to, if you can't get to the studio. Remember, not all schools or teachers use the same teaching methods and terminology, so always check with your teachers if you have questions.


You must get permission from your parents to use this site. It is very important to warm-up properly and to dress in dance wear, just like you do at the studio. Never force, strain or push too hard in any exercise or lesson. Be sure you have enough room to perform your movements safely. For tap lessons, ask your parents to get you a piece of plywood (or other temporary surface) so that you will not damage the floors in your home.

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